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Prepare for the Convergence of Everything

Richard Watson

What does the future hold? There are currently many predictions floating around about machine learning, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, virtual and augmented reality, and the emergence of digital assistants. But what is fact and what is fiction? How do you make the right investments in a time of such disruptive change? Watch our keynote session with Richard Watson, where he investigates these trends and how they might be converging to determine how we can best prepare for next year and the next decade. Richard addresses:

  • Digital natives and their impact on business
  • Fragmented reality and experiences
  • The impact of AI, machine learning and cognitive computing

Make Understanding Possible

Adolfo Hernandez

Last year we introduced the Age of Understanding. This year we addressed how understanding can be achieved through the implementation of a Global Content Operating Model (GCOM), which helps organisations meet and exceed the needs for today’s converging trends and tomorrow’s requirements. Also hear Adolfo Hernandez announce our exciting news around the future of content management and digital experience, as well as talk through our new artificial intelligence offering, Hai. This and much more is covered in this session, including how we work with our customers and partners.

  • How global content operating models are maturing
  • Important product announcements 
  • The future of SDL

Evolve Your Model

Simon Moore

Companies are struggling to deliver the right content to their global customers. What used to work is no longer resonating. This is why new investments are needed, particularly focused on integrating processes and technology across the content lifecycle. In this session, learn how a company just like yours is evolving their approach to global content to meet critical business needs, resulting in increased revenue.

  • Best practices for implementing a global content operating model
  • Integrating content management with translation management
  • Embedding feedback and learning into the process

Predict the Impact

Lily Varón

What are the current converging trends driving and the need for a Global Content Operating Model? How can we validate our assumptions and prove the need? In this session Lily Varon dives into brand new research from Forrester that determines the total economic impact of the model, as well as:

  • The convergence of customer experience, fragmented journeys and digital transformation
  • Content at the epicenter of change
  • Measuring the impact of a global content operating model

Implement the Model

Panel Session

How do companies actually implement a Global Content Operating Model? In concluding our first day of SDL Connect, Scott Abel leads a lively discussion among real world experts across our customers, partners and industry consultants to discuss such topics such as:

  • Connecting Content and language technologies
  • Unifying the process
  • Delivering content across multiple channels

The Afternoon Show

Watch or download the presentation 'The Afternoon Show' from SDL Connect 2017, where, Andrew Thomas, our in house evangelist, covers sessions Building Products, Delivering Great Experiences and Translating Every Message.

Headless CMS and the Content Delivery Conundrum

Alberto Andrade
Overview of the Headless CMS and Content Delivery Conundrum Journey

Roadmap & Capabilities for SDL Tridion Docs 13

Frank Closset and John Dillon

SDL Tridion Docs 13, formerly known as SDL Knowledge Center, is the backbone behind managing and orchestrating technical documentation and DITA content for some of world’s most coveted brands. In this session, Frank Closset, Product Management Director for SDL's structured content products, provides an overview of the new capabilities of Tridion Docs 13.

The Case for Agentive Content

Scott Abel // Content Wrangler

Everywhere you look, folks are talking about machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)—technologies that promise to help us improve customer experiences by automating the performance of traditionally manual tasks—like building website landing pages, connecting customers to technical support, or translating words from one language to another.

Machine learning, natural language processing, and pattern recognition technologies are all types of AI that can help us avoid errors, overcome challenges, and deliver relevant content automatically. However, it’s agentive solutions that offer the most promise and benefit to businesses. As a type of narrow artificial intelligence, agentive solutions provide a strategic advantage to brands who adopt and implement them. This session demonstrates why developing agentive solutions is a safe, smart first step toward leveraging AI in your products and services.

SDL Machine Translation: Security & Control over Translation Volume, Velocity and Brand Integrity

Randy Endemann
Enterprise Machine Translation Delivers Higher ROI

Roadmap & Capabilities for SDL Tridion Sites 9

Arjen van den Akker and John Dillon

SDL Tridion Sites 9 is the backbone behind managing and orchestrating the content for some of world’s most coveted brands. In this session, the Product Management Team will provide you with a first glimpse into Tridion Sites 9 and our digital experience suite. Learn more about:

  • Continuity of Experiences (open content API, atomic regions, etc.)
  • Experience Optimization (prescriptive and adaptive personalization, translation services, ML/AI)
  • Building Experiences (data integration framework and the SDL Connector Ecosystem

Artificial Intelligence: The Coming of Age with Content

Val Swisher // Content Rules

Join subject matter expert Val Swisher (CEO, Content Rules) for a highly illuminating and thought provoking exploration into artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential impact upon the future of content management.

In this session, you'll learn more about:

  • How at its heart AI is a sophisticated natural language processor.
  • The synergy between content management/taxonomies and training AI natural linguistic patterning.
  • How content management is critical to AI effectiveness in data mining dark content and determining future applications such as virtual agents and chat bots.

HPE’s first year using SDL Tridion Docs

Stacey Meggs
  • About Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • DITA & SDL Tridion Docs: before and after
  • Looking ahead

SDL Tridion Digital Optimization Suite

Arijit Chowdhury

SDL Tridion Digital Optimization suite helps turn individual customer interactions into relevant, contextual experiences by empowering marketers, developers and other business units to access, manipulate, repurpose and share content from a centralized location. This enables them to manage content & experiences in an agnostic way. Giving the flexibility to format content so that it looks best on any given channel, making it easier to provide an omnichannel experience to prospects and customers. In this session, the Product Management Team provide a first glimpse into our digital optimization suite including:

  • Prescriptive and Adaptive Personalization
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Chatbots and creating a positive digital experience

Confessions of a Video Editor

Jeffrey Constantin
Confessions of a video editor: strategy for video localization

Roadmap & Capabilities for SDL Translation Management

Keith Mills and Ray Hopley

Enterprise Translation Management Roadmap & Strategy:

  • Convergence
  • Connectors
  • SDL WorldServer
  • SDL Managed Translation
  • A Preview of the Future

Turkish Airlines: Delivering Local Personalization at Scale

Karl Johnson // EXLRT

As empowered consumers expect to be treated as known individuals across their entire customer journey, a leading global airline, Turkish Airlines, saw itself faced with the challenge of delivering highly-personalized, translated, and localized experiences in 30 languages, across 120 countries, for 250+ digital properties. This case study showcases how SDL’s Web Content Management, personalization and translation management solutions work together to help multi-nationals market both globally and locally at the same time, delivering “glocal” personalization at scale.

The Story of the Translation Industry in 2022

Jaap van de Meer // TAUS

A helicopter view of a five year innovation roadmap for the translation sector: From the excitement around neural machine translation to the art of storytelling, from people to data and the important breakthrough of a standard and approach to measuring with the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework.

How to Solve Today’s Modern Translation Requirements

Carin Chan and Matthew Hardy
Today’s challenges and SDL's approach.

Technical Strategy for your Customer Experience

John Winter // Content Bloom

In this session, John Winter, Co-founder of Content Bloom, shares his team's knowledge and experience in approaching a technical strategy to enable the first steps in implementing customer experiences within websites and applications.

Automating Dynamic Content Delivery Through Taxonomies

Anders Ovreberg // DNV GL

Anders Øvreberg, Digital Communications Manager at DNV GL, has worked with SDL Web/ Tridion since 2002, and as such, can be considered a true web content management (WCM) veteran. During this session, Anders' talked about DNV GL's 15-year journey with the Tridion product, covering topics such as the consolidation of 5 CMS’s into 1; managing a complex online rebrand; relaunching websites in more than 36 locales and 18 languages; building microsites; and above all, about their innovative taxonomy-driven approach towards delivering targeted, relevant, fully dynamic web experiences.

Carpe Diem: The Golden Age of Localisation

Mayer Becker and Simon Moore
  • Who we are & why we are at SDL
  • The dilemma of the modern marketer
  • Your role in solving this
  • Action plan
  • What you will find along the way

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Neural MT – Hype or Reality?

Mihai Vlad and Samad Echihabi

SDL has been on the forefront of transforming cutting edge technology into powerful tools, as proven by being the first company to be able to productize the use of Machine Learning for Machine Translation (MT). As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to disrupt our generation, SDL is ahead in this field of building AI applications through its innovations and patents in Natural Language Processing (NLP) for MT. In this session, we reviewed where Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is today:

  • NMT development approaches (open source vs. proprietary)
  • Examine enterprise readiness in terms of quality, performance, costs, and deployment customization
  • An easy-to-understand overview of how Neural Nets work

Four C’s of DITA

Chip Gettinger

Learn about emerging trends with content, and requirements to plan for in the near future. This lively panel discussion with industry experts address:

  • How customers really access content
  •  Consistency, terminology, taxonomy, metadata, facets, etc.
  • Content convergence and mashups
  • Content from Contributors
  • Impacts of AI, chatbots, automation