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SDL intelligent Machine Translation

The speed of machine translation – the accuracy of professional linguists

Get the combined power of SDL language technology supported by a team of over 300 professional linguists certified in machine translation post-editing, to meet increased demand for localized content. Reduce localization costs by up to 40% while decreasing production times by as much 50%.

The speed of machine translation

Automate the first stage of localization.

The power of human

Boost quality using specially-trained post-editors.

The best of both

Ramp up content delivery at lower costs without sacrificing quality.

Customized machine translation engines

Improve your efficiency and accuracy of output. Leverage over a decade of machine translation experience with automated translation technology optimized for your business. Translation engines can be customized for your industry vertical and trained to match your corporate terminology and style.

Post-editing linguists

Leverage the quality of the human touch using specially-trained linguists to post-edit machine translated content. With a network of 300 certified post-editing specialists located in-house in 70 countries worldwide, post-editing over 200 million words annually – we’ll ensure your content quality is up to scratch.

The best of both worlds

Deliver more localized content at a lower cost – without sacrificing quality. SDL intelligent Machine Translation is perfect for content types such as technical documentation, knowledge bases, help files and similar high-volume content. Get the ultimate machine-human hybrid approach to translation.