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Language Translation Services

Deepen understanding between you and your customer by speaking their language

Deliver a culturally relevant experience across every step of the customer journey. With over 55 offices in 38 countries, 1,000+ in-house, in-country translators and 20 years of market leadership, it's no wonder the world’s top brands rely on SDL’s language expertise.

Deliver the world to your company

Meet the rising demands on your global businesses with in-country translation resources that effectively bridge multiple languages and platforms.

Speak the language of the customer

Create powerfully nuanced communications that are customized to meet the unique needs of your dynamic customer base.

Navigate localization complexity

Automate and accelerate global translation tasks to increase efficiency, reduce expenditure and deliver a locally relevant experience.

ISO-certified translation services

Communicate across cultures and languages, trusting your brand to the industry’s largest network of over 1,000 in-house linguists and an extended network of 15,000 translators all working to ISO-certified quality standards. Our global scale means we're everywhere your customers are. A unique in-country model provides local expertise and direct contact for reviewers while central project and account management gives you complete visibility and control.

SDL Marketing Solutions

Support the customer journey by deploying content efficiently across all digital touchpoints from web, mobile and rich media, social to portals, eCommerce and eCRM.

Rich Media Services

Rich media has the power to communicate with audiences through more than words: creating a feeling, a memory and a new view of your company. For many, scaling video and multimedia content for global audiences can be a challenge. Images, text and music all also carry cultural nuance that extends even beyond language. 

SDL Global Rich Media Production services helps to create new rich media content, scale up for global audiences or even adapt your existing rich media so that it will resonate with your in-market audiences.

Document Localization

Your documentation is a key part of your business. It informs employees, customers, partners and end users about the products, solutions and services you sell. But making sure this content has the same relevance for everybody can be challenging. Not only do the words need to be understood in all markets, but the document layouts – images, screen captures, charts, graphs and more -- need to be accurate too.

Software localization

When you localize your software -- including web and mobile applications -- you increase your end customer satisfaction and accelerate revenue. 

Software localization is the process of creating foreign language versions of software and applications. It involves isolating translatable text from code, translating it, and merging the translations back so the code remains intact and ready to be compiled and distributed. 

Our complete set of services provide an assessment of your code’s international readiness all the way through to final delivery of a fully-tested, localized software product.

Website Localization

Almost every business has a website. It can be as simple as a few static landing pages or as intricate as an eCommerce site updated hourly with new products, customer reviews and personalized user experiences.

SDL’s web localization services combine innovative technology with proven localization engineering and translation services. Our offerings work directly with content management systems and product information databases, while also allowing for the translation of static content and user reviews and feedback.

Intelligent machine translation

Get the combined power of SDL’s market-leading machine translation technology with specialist human post-editing skills to reduce localization costs by up to 40% and decrease production times by as much 50%. Access over 300 certified post-editors trained to reduce the cost and time of translation and take advantage of machine translation engines specifically tailored for your content or industry vertical.


When people come together from around the world for business meetings, events, training, summits, audits, interviews and more, it’s important for them to listen and communicate in the language of their choice. Ideas, advancements, policies and innovations are too important to be lost in translation. Interpretation helps facilitate conversation between two or more parties who don’t speak the same language. Professional trained interpreters listen to conversation in one language and communicate that content in another language.

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