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To more effectively drive global revenue streams, it’s important to optimize your strategies to reach global customers. But this can be challenging work, with mixed results. Organizations are seeking out expert guidance on how to navigate the complexity of global business.

Deep experience in global success

SDL offers a range of consulting services to help companies succeed globally. A recognized leader in the localization industry, SDL has more than 24 years of experience working with multinational companies, across a wide variety of industries and markets. 

Our consulting teams draw on that experience to offer programmatic guidance by thoroughly investigating your global operations, and designing – in partnership with your organization – pragmatic solutions to complex operational issues. 

Whether you are just entering new markets, or have already built a vast multinational organization with ongoing global requirements, SDL can help you identify the best strategy for long-term growth and success.

Go global faster

Partner with the most experienced consultants in the industry

Full suite of consulting and support services

SDL’s consulting services cover a range of key support areas. We can help you with:

Global content operations – Defragment distributed content management and translation processes 

Web content management – Optimize web content management systems to align with global goals 

Knowledge delivery management – Optimize enterprise knowledge delivery systems to reduce localization costs 

Translation management – Assess the effectiveness of your translation management system and identify the best tools, develop the right process and create an actionable implementation plan 

Terminology management – Implement a strategy for the identification, management, translation, integration, roll out and retirement of global terminology 

In-country review – Identify risk areas in QA and review processes, design and document new processes, and educate internal review teams 

Machine translation – Remove barriers to effective MT adoption, such as unsuitable source content, insufficient translated content, poor translation quality or non-supported language pairs

Author training – Design best practice instruction for authors, provide training for simplified technical English (STE) and develop style guides. 

Multilingual SEO – Conduct a website audit and provide a detailed report of issues, key considerations for new markets and local insights to increase page rank and search engine visibility Multimedia services and strategy – Analyze and evaluate source files for localization suitability and design a solution that meets your budget, quality and scheduling requirements 

Quality benchmarking and KPIs – Define KPIs, implement and support tracking and measurement of quality metrics 

Internationalization – Ensure your products are ready for efficient localization 

Structured content migration – Convert legacy documentation to structured content format and facilitate topic-based authoring adoption in your organization 

Global content and marketing solutions – Extend your global marketing team with in-country marketing services that range from content creation and localization to delivery in markets across all digital touchpoints and media types