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Manage & publish your technical content & documents with a DITA CMS system

The XML standard for managing technical documentation

DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is an important structured content standard that is designed for managing technical information in reusable topics stored as XML. 

Adoption of DITA has increased dramatically in the past several years, as global businesses are achieving as much as 30-50% savings in content production and translation costs. It also provides the foundation for greater customer satisfaction and faster time to global markets.

Like any type of XML, DITA separates content from the presentation layer so that writers can focus on writing the content rather than the “look and feel” of the final product. 

There are many benefits of separating the content and the presentation layer including: 

  • Publishing the same content in any output type (webpage, CHM file, PDF) 
  • Writers can focus on content - not layout 
  • Subject matter experts can focus on high-value activities 
  • Eliminates the high cost of desktop publishing in localization processes, saving up to 20% of your localization budget for more translation 

SDL has helped support the adoption of this important technical writing standard for nearly a decade. A large number of global companies turn to SDL for help moving to DITA, as well as for technology to support its usage.

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