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Structured Content Management

Deliver quality technical documentation and support content anywhere in the world, in any language, on any device.


Modular content

SDL Knowledge Center is built on an embedded component content management system (CCMS) to store, organize and manage all modular content in any language, so that it can be easily reused, shared, filtered and delivered to all appropriate channels.

With its unique out-of-the-box DITA support, it enables you to avoid inconsistencies that impact your brand, while reducing content development costs by 30-50%.

Advanced versioning

With Baseline Manager, a powerful visualization tool for tracking the release of product information to market, information developers can sort by status, see all updated versions of topics, maps and graphics, and compare any earlier publication to update and share information easily.


XML authoring tool integration

SDL Knowledge Center provides an authoring bridge that delivers tight integration with JustSystems XMetaL, PTC Arbortext and oXygen. Additionally, content quality capabilities can be synchronized with Acrolinx across desktop and server-based content creation.


Automated publishing

Publication Manager enables simultaneous multichannel delivery. Its advanced dashboard is designed for lead information developers to oversee the relationship of all the various components of information that go into a final deliverable.

Content variation support

Condition Manager goes beyond standard conditions in DITA. SDL Knowledge Center conditions are optional specializations that enable information developers to develop more complex conditions by allowing for the combination of any number of conditionals without the headache of managing all iterations.

Key features of structured content management

  • Out-of-the-box DITA support 
  • DITA Open Toolkit integration for publishing 
  • Tight authoring tool integration 
  • Simultaneous multichannel delivery 
  • Powerful version control 
  • Complex content variation support 
  • Multilingual content management

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