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Reduce translation word counts and eliminate costly desktop publishing by leveraging structured content and sophisticated localization technology

Translation management integration

Advanced management features for multilingual content make SDL Knowledge Center the leader in the industry for delivering ROI on localization. With direct integration with both SDL WorldServer and SDL TMS, publication handoff to translation is literally as easy as the push of a button. DITA XML is supported by all major SDL translation technologies, including SDL Trados Studio, and SDL Language Services is familiar with both the content and the technology. There’s no better way to manage your technical documentation and support content translations.


Multimedia translation

With built in language detection for stored images, SDL Knowledge Center only requires content creators to create a single link to a multimedia asset that will work across all languages. Additionally, existing content can be easily repurposed as video subtitles and either automatically translated or sent through existing translation processes.

Automatic translation re-use

By extensively reusing source content and removing the cost of desktop publishing (DTP), companies achieve significant ROI in reduced localization expense. By combining globally unique IDs (GUIDs) with translation tracking, SDL Knowledge Center avoids marking content for translation if the source content has not changed since previous translations were created.

Machine translation integration

SDL Knowledge Center includes out of the box support for SDL BeGlobal, a cloud-based machine translation solution that can facilitate a better support experience by ensuring customers can access all content in their own language. Automatically translate technical support content and direct customer feedback.

Translation tracking

Don’t have access to sophisticated translation management software? No problem! Easily export DITA content to send to language service providers for translation. Then just as easily import completed translations. SDL Knowledge Center will track the status of your content, the languages being translated, and update the correct publications upon import.

Key features of localization

  • Globally unique identifiers (GUIDs) across all topics 
  • Translation status tracking for topics and publications 
  • Out of the box integration with SDL WorldServer and SDL TMS for publication translation 
  • Support for on-demand SDL BeGlobal translation 
  • Easy export and import of DITA content for manual translation

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