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Collaborative Review

Reinvent collaborative review and content creation for all of your technical documentation and support content


Streamlined edits and review

SDL Knowledge Center reinvents how structured content is reviewed and edited collaboratively. Organizations can leave behind archaic review methods like PDF markup, which are error-prone and slow down the content development process. Content authors and subject matter expert (SME) reviewers work together in one controlled environment, in one controlled format. 

Feedback is always maintained in the structured content and authors and SMEs can comment on changes and make edits quickly to accelerate the review cycle. The complexity of DITA is never exposed to the subject matter expert, and content owners decide which edits are accepted and all changes are tracked with complete versioning and revision support.

Commenting framework

A commenting framework allows content authors to communicate directly with SMEs in one controlled environment. Comments can be made directly on the DITA topic and always maintained so that no feedback between author and reviewer is lost and everyone is always reviewing the latest content. Additionally the status of each comment is tracked for approval and reviewers can participate in threaded discussions with each other, eliminating the need for content owners to arbitrate conversations.


Intuitive WYSIWYG editing

SDL Knowledge Center provides a truly simple editing experience for structured content, no technical expertise required. With a ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ view of the content, and an intuitive ribbon toolbar, structured authoring has never been easier and more familiar for everyone. Content contributors can easily insert multimedia videos and images, reference other content for efficient re-use, and even modify important metadata without any knowledge of DITA or structured content.


Structural integrity

With contributors, editors, and authors working simultaneously on your content, maintaining consistency becomes challenging. DITA helps but often without the right tools, structure can be broken during this process and content may be lost or published incorrectly. Pre-validation ensures no one can break the structure of your content by maintaining all appropriate tags and information architecture.

Rich copy and paste

Need to copy content from a Word document or an email? With SDL Knowledge Center, it’s easy to copy and paste content while maintaining richness within your structured document, regardless of the unstructured source it comes from. Your content is inserted into the structured document in an unobtrusive way that maintains both the content and the structural integrity of the topic.

Key features of collaborative review

  • Out-of-the-box DITA support 
  • Full in-browser WYSIWYG XML editor 
  • Easy copy and paste between structured and unstructured editing environments 
  • Synchronized commenting 
  • Threaded conversations with review status

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