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Speed up localization of your websites with built-in localization capabilities that improve the quality and speed-to-market of your content, while cutting costs and reducing administrative complexity.

Seamless integration

One-click translation within SDL Web eliminates administrative overhead and error-prone copy and paste work, while workflows automate the correct routing and approval steps for jobs.

Language Service Provider

With over 1,000 in-house, in-country translators, SDL has the experience and resources to ensure your content is translated right the first time. Or if you prefer to stick with your current language provider, SDL Web supports that too.

Enterprise translation management

Central workflow management, automation, and reporting enable your entire enterprise across the globe to take advantage of localization investments.

Real-time translation

Automatic machine translation capabilities extend your reach on channels such as live chat, user reviews and social media to deliver a more complete localized digital experience at lower cost.

Key features of localization

  • Rely on SDL’s industry leading translation management solutions 
  • Tight integration with SDL Web minimizes administrative overhead and speeds up time to market 
  • Optimize SEO efforts with localized search strategies 
  • Review in-progress translation jobs in SDL Web to improve quality and shorter turnaround times 
  • Use translation memory to speed up translation, increase consistency and cut costs 
  • Leverage industry and organization specific terminology
  • Use real-time machine translation for dynamic content 
  • Access to SDL’s experienced in-house, in-country translators

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