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Create rich media impact

Video and rich media are now an integral part of today’s online experience.
SDL Web’s Digital Media Management is a centralized tool integrated with SDL Web with which you can store, manage, optimize, analyze and deliver your media assets across your distribution channels. 
Designed for marketers, you’ll find the intuitive interface easy to work with. Using it you can upload, manage, subtitle, enrich and publish video, image and audio files. 

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Our digital media solution automatically transcodes video and scales images for the devices your customers use. Our cloud-based service uses device detection to show your multimedia content in the best possible format.
You can add video and image overlays with links, forms, download buttons and more. These opportunities for interaction turn your multimedia content in active lead generation that goes beyond the visual experience.
Reduce the cost of post-production cycles of multilingual multimedia with localized backslides, overlays, subtitles and voice overs from a single source video file.
Distribute your files anywhere: mobile channels, IPTV, digital signage systems, email, and social media. The solution uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure the fastest possible delivery of your content.

Measure your impact

The power of multimedia is only as good as your customers think it is. With SDL Web's digital media management you can view conversion statistics and also track and measure use, viral growth and distribution. You can also share this data to other applications using the Analytics OData web service.
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