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What is an SDL Web BluePrint?

SDL BluePrinting provides a way to manage, reuse and synchronize content, multimedia files, functionality and brand elements across websites, mobile apps and any online channel. 

BluePrinting separates content, layout, code and profile information as individual website building blocks or components. Based on a hierarchy, you can combine, reuse and publish these components across online channels. 

Unlike a page-based model, you achieve ultimate flexibility and reuse from your digital assets.

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Content inheritance

In SDL Web, brand elements, text, images, downloads and layout that form the content for a specific channel are grouped together in publications. 

The publications are organized in a parent-child hierarchy so that content is automatically shared ('inherited') from a parent to a child. 

Child publications can contain their own content, suitable for that channel or purpose as well as adapted content, originally shared from the parent.


  • Reuse content, applications and design for lower costs
  • Publish to multiple channels simultaneously
  • Synchronize content updates to ensure long term consistency
  • Launch content globally and simultaneously
  • Align workflow processes to ensure compliance
  • Localize content for markets or channels for higher impact
  • Save time and effort by automating mundane tasks


  • Multiple websites and channels can inherit and reuse items including navigation, structure, functionality, design, content and translations 
  • Updates to any item can be synchronized 
  • Any new content created in a parent publication is automatically shared to any child publications
  • Child publications can contain their own content
  • Content can be 'localized' and adapted in a child publication