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Review processes often involve any number of emails, marked-up PDFs and laborious copy-pastes that are error prone and inefficient.

SDL Knowledge Center reinvents your review process by providing a single controlled environment that makes it easy for your subject matter experts (SMEs) and reviewers to work together.

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Open and clear communication

With Knowledge Center, your authors and SMEs can comment and make changes and edits in the same environment. Reviewers and authors can comment, edit and participate in threaded conversations directly within a WYSIWYG browser-based editing environment.

With SDL Knowledge Center, comments and feedback are stored in the context of the actual content, providing a record of the entire review process. 

To make it easier, the XML structure isn’t exposed so even those who aren’t familiar with XML can collaborate.


  • Out-of-the box DITA and TBX support 
  • In-browser WYSIWYG-XML editor 
  • Copy-paste between structured & unstructured editing environments 
  • Synchronized commenting & threaded conversations with review status 
  • Quality engine framework
  • Out of the box support for content quality assurance software, Acrolinx

No more error prone copy-paste

You content authors won’t have to integrate PDF markup and input from assorted emails into the content anymore.

They view reviews in context, tracked for approval and interact in the same editing environment.

Quality assurance

SDL Knowledge Center automates style, tone and word choice for all content creation using centrally managed corporate style guides and terminology.

Quality Assistant checks content quality while it’s created. Knowledge Center can also be integrated with 3rd-party quality enhancing systems like Acrolinx, and terminology management and taxonomy systems.