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SDL Knowledge Center

Structured content management for technical content delivered in any language to any device

Structured content for a better customer experience

SDL Knowledge Center is an enterprise solution for creating, managing and delivering high-quality structured content for technical documentation and self-service support.

Today, your customers don’t want to download a hard-to-read PDF on their mobile device. They want content in their language, personalized to their specific needs and rendered for the device they are using in the moment. They might want to watch a video instead of reading text. 

SDL Knowledge Center helps you meet these expectations with a new way of creating content.

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  • Drive down support costs through customer self-service
  • Improve the customer experience with consistent useful product content
  • Empower employee collaboration with one platform for content development and review
  • Reduce costs by 30-50%
  • Bring content to market quicker

Why SDL Knowledge Center?

Structured content management
Create easily findable componentized content based on reusable topics enriched with metadata. SDL Knowledge Center provides product release tracking, XML authoring, automated publishing and support for content variations.
Collaborative review
Writers and subject matter experts work together in an easy-to-use browser-based content review and editing environment. Reviewers can add comments, edits and notations that are saved with the content.
Translation efficiency
Integration with translation management systems provide single-click translation processes and automated status updates during the translation process. It gives you easy reuse of already translated content as well as dynamic language delivery based on a customer’s language preferences.
Integrated rich media
Images and video make your content live. Manage and deliver relevant multimedia to accompany your content. You can enrich your documentation with centrally stored multimedia assets providing side-by-side interactive assistance you your digital product documentation.
Dynamic delivery
Delivery dynamically generated content to give your customers the information they look for quickly and easily. You can provide targeted content based on customer information with automatically formatted for the device they are using in that moment.
Do more with DITA

SDL Knowledge Center uses the DITA standard to manage standalone, reusable topics that can be shared across publications and delivered to any number of formats and languages. We make it easier to manage topics, automate translation and publishing and ensure all content meets your quality standards.

Partner with SDL translation management to:
  • Streamline translations 
  • Define, launch and view translation projects within SDL Knowledge Center 
  • Ensure translation consistency
Partner with SDL Web to:
  • Provide technical content directly within your support portals
  • Integrate technical content into marketing web pages to enable customers to research prior to purchase
  • Deliver a cohesive website experience across all content-contributing departments

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