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Focused on machine learning

Expanding machine intelligence and scientific talent, beyond translation

We brought innovation to machine learning in 2005 by introducing the first statistical translation engines. 

We’ve constantly pushed the boundaries of research in this field, publishing more than 200 scientific papers and acquiring 45 patents. Our research has revolutionized what is possible. With our ongoing investments in statistical learning and prediction, we aim to bring machines and humans even closer together. 

To date, we've focused on machine translation, but our goal is to apply machine learning to the broader spectrum of the content life cycle.

Progress requires advances made by visionary technology companies. Machine learning can unlock the value of data, and SDL multiplies this value by delivering multilingual content. We now enable companies to use predictive data in many languages through our machine translation, but we envision so much more. 

By applying machine learning to all of our offerings we will automate smarter decisions with more targeted and useful results. We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of all that machine learning can do.